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Getter’s Visceral Tour has been a topic of controversy for the past few weeks. It all started when he got boo-ed off stage by his disappointed “fans” at Stereo Live in Houston.

Getter (Tanner Petulla) had been facing criticism for his latest tour- because it wasn’t what these fans had expected. Though initially he took the criticism positively and promised to tweak his set.

But it seems like the hatred got the best of him and in a heartfelt message, Tanner cancelled the entirety of his remaining tour.

“You win” – those 2 words are enough of a heartbreak for anyone that cares about Getter and his music. This is the absolute worst that could happen to any artist.

Over at our Discord, we had a chat about Visceral a few days back. The news of his tour cancellation came as a shock to everyone and we couldn’t help but talk further about this.

Who Won?

In this whole situation, Getter himself has been the biggest casualty. He actually poured his soul out in the new album- we all could hear that.
His album was well acclaimed by the listeners.. But there’s a major divide between who’s been listening to his new stuff and who has been going to his shows.

His Visceral tour targeted mainly major festivals and venues – which makes sense considering its someone as big as Getter. But this also meant that a lot of the attendees didn’t care about his music and just expected to hear some cookie-cutter bs. Conversely, a lot of people that liked Visceral couldn’t attend these shows.

There probably needs to be a different- more subtle approach when experimenting with new avenues like this. We can’t really blame those festival-goers for not listening to the music of a particular artist among many.

However that does bring me to the point I firmly believe in-His old fanbase was no fanbase at all, it was just a crowd pleased by heavy music and big names. They don’t really care about the actual music.

Poor guy couldn’t even experiment with his own album tour. I mean it wasn’t even a surprise, he dropped the album first and then went on tour. It makes you wonder whether his “fans” really supported him.

Getter mentioned that he feels he used to make sell-out music and that Visceral is the only music he made for himself. It could be that he never got to develop a proper supporting fanbase, and the sheer number of people that went to his shows only cared about loud music and seeing a popular artist on stage.

The Toxic Community

Getter being boo-ed off-stage was apparently not the first time the heavy bass community showed such a toxic behaviour. Artists like Bassnectar have been constant targets. 

The Stereo Live crowd seems to be particularly bad in this regard, as just last December they boo-ed off MUST DIE!’s opener who played a house set. MUST DIE! had to come forward in his defence:

 Even artists as big as Kaskade are not immune to the toxicity of the EDM scene as seen last week: 

Mental Health

Mental illness is a widespread phenomenon and has been rooting strongly in the music industry. Tanner has been open about his mental illness, and his fan base has given him support and respected him after posting about it on social media. You could tell he had been working on himself, and looked forward to releasing his upcoming album- where he expressed some of the problems he has been struggling with. 

Despite this , some of his fans (and other people in the EDM community) didn’t respect his new sound and him exploring a different path, and forgot about his mental problems. They were booing at him, in addition to throwing objects at him while he performed. How narrow minded are they? It seems like people already forgot about what Avicii’s mental disorders resulted in.


Getter’s Visceral Tour has always been advertised as a “Visceral show” and nothing else. He delivered what he promised and people got what they paid for. If they didn’t check out what Visceral was prior to the show, it was totally their fault.

As a fan of Visceral and Getter’s new sound, I sincerely hope he comes out of the dark place he’s currently at, and doesn’t stop making the kind of music he loves. This is but a minor setback for someone like Getter and we just have to be supportive and patient.

This is a nightmare for any artist and should remind every creator out there to develop a community and a genuine relationship with them.

Browsing through facebook comments, I’ve seen a lot of people going out of their way to ridicule Getter and how he’s a ‘weakling’ for calling off the tour. FYI If you’re one of those, you are the problem.

Thanks to our Discord contributors Kasper and Mrinal for taking part in this discussion and helping me with this article.

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