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“New Moon’, Bloom Line’s latest Melodic Bass release with BLÜ EYES is nothing short of fascinating. The track was released on Simplify. and got Premiered by Don Diablo on Hexagon Radio.

The album art for the track is quite appealing as well and does justice to the track. The artwork is a 3D render and depicts a single character standing in the middle of an alien landscape. The character’s path is lit up by some sort of giant candles, which tells us that the character is welcome in this environment.

This is a very key detail, as it changes the tone of the artwork from that of a rugged explorer struggling through an alien planet – to that of a peaceful stroll through something serene.

Interpretation of the Artwork

The artwork makes a very clever use of lightness values to show depth. Bottom half of the artwork is a lot darker than the upper. Similarly, the left and right edges are darker, placing a bright patch of light at the center, right in front of the character. One could imagine the character exiting a dark cave and moving onto a brighter, happier place.

This is pretty coherent with the lyrics, for example the first verse –

” Give me a constellation, a cosmic revelation
A New Moon to show me where to go…”

and also the second verse –

” Looking for a place to start
To pick myself back up “

Interview with Bloom Line

Hey man! Thanks a lot for agreeing to this interview.

Thank you! It’s a pleasure 🙂

My first question is about the album art. Was the creative process under your control or did the simplify people do it?

Yes it was, but the designers at Simplify. made the artwork.

Oh, awesome! So where did the idea stem from?

This past few artworks I’ve been trying to always have a person walking or just standing in the middle of the artwork. Also, I asked them to make something that had some space or outer earth feeling.

That is quite apparent in the current artwork, with the alien landscape. Who is the character supposed to represent?

Myself! It depicts my journey, my exploration with music. For future artworks, I’m going to try to have my logo on the back of the character- like on a jacket.

It will look amazing! I hear a lot of interesting sounds in your tracks, including several strings. What does your creative workflow look like, and what goes on in your head when producing?

Well, I’m originally from Mexico and the electronic music scene there is not growing at all. The people got stuck with big room and that’s what 90% of producers in Mexico make. I really wanted to change that. My music focuses more on melodies and aesthetic of tracks rather than just big drops. I go to Berklee College of Music in Boston so I’m constantly surrounded by every single genre of music. 
Lately, I’ve become a fan of filmscoring so I always try to incorporate those kinds of elements into my music.

My creative workflow starts with getting a chord progression that I like and sounds interesting to me. Usually, I listen to a lot of references and I’m like “I really like that song! I wanna make something like that” so I spend hours listening to references and getting ideas and inspiration. If I’m inspired and have time I can finish a track in one day. What goes on in my mind is always trying to please myself. 

For a long time, I tried to please the “market” and audience but then I realized that music is more than just business so I started making music for myself. I would never put out something that I don’t enjoy listening to.

That’s a very detailed answer, I appreciate it! Moving on, what was your reaction when Don Diablo premiered your track? And could you give any advice for getting your tracks premiered on outlets as big as Hexagon and Simplify?

It was a huge surprise! Aaron Simpson (Simplify’s CEO) told me that Don Diablo had downloaded “New Moon” through the promo system. I was extremely excited to see what he was going to do with it. A few days later I saw the track premiered on Hexagon Radio! I was in the middle of my tonal harmony class and just wanted to scream haha

My advice would be that to get your tracks to these kind of outlets, you need quality. The craft is the most important thing you should focus on. You have to take care of your tracks and make them sound as good as possible. Once you send the track, there is no coming back. So you need to make sure the track is as good as it can be!

My last question is, what advice would you give beginner producers who want to have a good visual brand for themselves but don’t have the money or the network to get that done?

I’ve found that there’s always a way. It’s not like a have a lot of money or anything. I literally saved a lot to be able to pay a graphic designer. Logos and branding are expensive but they are totally worth it. You’ll need some good logos if you want to be taken seriously. 

When it comes to networking I would say just ask around. I really didn’t know anyone when it came to logos a few months ago. But I messaged a friend and then he gave me the name of another person and then that person gave me another number. It’s just a matter of asking around. If there’s no possibility of saving money I would say go and make it yourself. 

My roommate has an awesome logo that he made by himself just with a website. Now you can make everything yourself if you want to. There are tons of copyright free images nowadays.

An awesome advice man! I really like your take on networking, and how you break it down into something as simple as just asking a friend. Being a graphic designer, I agree with what you said as well. Proper branding is really important and worth the price.
I’m really grateful to you for taking out the time and answering my questions.

Glad I could help! I’m always trying to help new producers and stuff deserve the attention they deserve so hopefully this will help someone smile thanks for the opportunity!


Simplify. recordings has been curating a lot of amazing artists, and Bloom Line is definitely one to watch out for in 2019. He has 2 new songs lined up for release this year on Frequency and Paradox Recordings. Make sure to check him out:

Thank you for reading this review! What did you think about the artwork?

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