4 Easy Steps to Create a Floral Artwork with any Logo using Photoshop

Anirudh Singh

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You can implement this on almost any logo and get amazing results quickly!

Logo based artworks are something several brands, studios and record labels choose to go for. It is mostly because these pieces reflect their dedication to the motto behind their logo, and give a consistency to their work on the visual front.

You as a designer will probably face a lot of clients who are looking for exact pieces like this, mainly for their social medias. It is your role to talk to them and understand what they want to convey with the artwork, and brainstorm how you want to execute it.

There’s no artwork that will fit every client, not even the one I’m going to teach you. It is you who have to decide what fits where, and that’s what makes you a good designer.

This artwork is suitable for: Brands with an emotional touch (happy or sad, your colour scheme will decide).

Enough of design philosophy, let’s jump into the tutorial now.

I created this piece as tribute to Avicii on the sad day of his passing away. It was an emotional moment for me considering that he was the person who introduced me to electronic music. I knew I wanted to make something that reflects my emotions and honours the man at the same time. I figured that flowers would be the best choice since flowers in many cultures are used in obituaries.

Step 1

Take the logo or the base image that you want to create the floral pattern in. A logo with thick lines, or a large fill area works best for it. You can use this effect on logos with thin lines as well, but it’s likely to turn messy.

Make this logo all black if it isn’t already. You can use the paint bucket tool to easily do this. All the fill areas should be black. Your flowers will be visible through these.

Step 2

Next, import an image of a flower bed, having a lot of flowers. It doesn’t matter what pattern they’re laid in, as long as the flowers spread in an area larger than the logo. Put this layer above your base logo. (Here is the stock image I used)

Step 3

Now right click this layer and select “Create clipping mask”. You will already see your artwork taking shape, with the flowers visible only in the black region of your logo.

However, the flowers look too unnatural at the moment because of the clean edges. To make it more natural, we need to make the edges a bit rough, preferably in the shape of flowers.

Step 4

Select the brush tool and choose a flower shaped brush preset (Download the ones I used here). Now select the base logo layer and with black color start clicking on the edges, subtly making the edge irregular.

Pro tip: If possible, try to adjust your brush size and angle to fit the flowers present on the edges. This will give a much cleaner and natural look.

Repeat this until you feel that the logo has taken a natural form. And you’re done.

Extra Step (Optional)

You can put a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer on top if you’re not happy with the colors of the flowers in the original image, or just want to change the color scheme to make it more sad/happy.

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